Through the looking glass

It is simply amazing that, even in countries that ostensibly “have adoption programs”, we can, if persistent enough, find countless stories about children living in group homes, orphanages, and the new buzz word, boarding schools….For a sense of the bizarre ways in which descriptive language is being used, and policy developed, see this article on the situation in Ukraine!

One reason I am so impatient with the debate over keeping certain national programs open is that I know we must move away from the idea of national adoption programs, and towards the idea of an international cohort with common needs. In the age of international human rights, governments have supposedly become more accountable to the international community concerning the fates of their citizens. Although this should apply equally to children who urgently and early on need permanent families, national governments are not doing their job. And certainly the UN is not fulfilling its mission. As much as I have tried to pursue details as to UN activities around orphans and adoption, the truth of the matter (as opposed to the platitudes) is elusive.


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