More on Japan and its orphans

Why Japan? When we google “Japan and orphanages “, we tend to find only the fact that Michael Jackson visited a Japanese orphanage(!!) –apart from that, a media black out. And Japan is a country with astonishing media capability!

Why Japan? I love Japan; once spent much of my time there. There is so much that is wonderful. But what about their social orphans? It seems that even the first step–recruiting foster parents–is almost impossible. So powerful is the idea of blood ties that fostering children is left to the true heroes. See

I would love to see the Japanese government have to account for its institutionalized children–how many of them are there? Are they abandoned? Will they be reunited with birth families? If not, what will become of them? What are your statistics on outcomes?

Wouldn’t it be great if single Japanese women began to adopt those social orphans who are without meaningful family ties?

I know when one of the “drop off” points for abandoned children was established in 2007, a toddler was left there….Where is he now? How many children are there in similar situations? As Japan, a country many Americans think of only in economic terms, sees its rates of child abuse and neglect rise, what mechanisms are in place to cope with this? It isn’t all about blood ties!


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