Lula and the Law Based on Love

This article is well worth considering, for many reasons. At the very least, it seems as if there is a drive in Brazil to identify those children who will not be going back to their original families (a two year limit), and a concerted effort to get them adopted–whether domestically or internationally.

I have never liked the (supposedly rights-based) term “last resort” used with respect to international adoption. It sounds so negative….On the other hand, the new Brazilian law countenances international adoption when domestic adoption is not happening. A thirty day stay in Brazil does not seem too burdensome, although the issue of stays- in- country is contentious, and worth considering in terms of the substantive effects.

It would be wonderful if the concepts at work in this new law were to take hold across Latin America, and indeed elsewhere. It is interesting that Mr. Lula refers to the law as being founded in love–how rarely we hear this in the discourse.


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