How many Kyrgyzstans?

I have written before that one of the main rationales for this blog was that I was completely tired of and worn out over the “adoption debate”–a debate which the pro-adoption side is losing in every sense but on paper…..I have continued to insist that the task should be to unearth information on the fate of children who have become detached from their original families. The reality is shocking, and almost completely ignored by the international human rights establishment….We have countless conferences and write countless law review articles on a small number of Guantanamo detainees, but discussion of the often unnecessary suffering of social orphans is off the radar screen.

Here is one small snippet from Kyrgyzstan–where, as you may know, recent international adoptions (only a handful in any event) have been held up through a “slow down” and red tape–to the point where it is alleged that some of the waiting children have become sicker and perhaps even died.

At least 3.5 thousand children live in orphanages in Kyrgyzstan

06/11-2009 10:33, Bishkek – News Agency “”, By Eliza BOTALIEVA

At least 3.5 thousand children live in orphanages in Kyrgyzstan, Tolkun Bekbulatova, chief of the Child Protection Department under the Kyrgyz Labor, Employment and Migration Ministry said Friday at the round table discussion on implementation of the state policy for orphans housing issues’ solution.

About 1,300 thousand children enter orphanages and 25 percent of the inmates leave them annually. “Unfortunately, none of the government agencies monitor future of the children. We do not have our own statistic, but in other countries 60 percent of such children fall into risk groups. We believe that it is a consequence of unsolved housing problems. Orphans simply do not know where to live and find no better occupation than crime or prostitution,” Bekbulatova said.

I suspect the overall figure of institutionalized children presented here is low–but the official at least acknowledges that the life outcomes for these children is bleak at best….Where is the Red Cross??

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