The nation state and hidden children!

Sure, let’s prosecute–prosecute–Sarah Ferguson for violating the “privacy” of institutionalized children in Turkey! That’s a great approach to children’s rights!!

I have long argued that there is an appalling gap in humanitarian law–In my view, independent outside observers need to be given access to children in state care as a matter of course–(The Red Cross is supposed to be able to visit prisoners, right?)

It is often down to hidden camera work to make sure the world has some small notion of what is happening to these children. Turkey persists in its efforts to intimidate anyone who might be tempted to ask about what is going on in its child care institutions….

For that matter, who ever gets to really look behind closed doors in Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, etc etc etc??

If anyone does get that close, the message is always simple: You have misunderstood us! AND you are violating the “rights” of the children!


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