So much for the myth that adoptive parents all want “healthy infants”

See this terrible story on continued delay in the processing of these Kyrgyz adoptions…I had earlier read what is repeated here–that one of the children has suffered severe illness as a result of the delay…

Hey, great, review of procedures going on!  Undoubtedly, by the time the new procedures are in place, international adoption will have been safely relegated to the “very last resort”–with small group homes in the ascendancy….

This from the article:

“It was Chudinov who instituted a moratorium on international adoptions in February of 2009 amid allegations of fraud and child trafficking on the part of orphanages and adoption workers. [For background see the Eurasia Insight archive]. The government has been investigating those claims, and, with the aid of UNICEF, is developing a new adoption framework.

The 65 US families had gone through the often year-long process to be matched with an adoptable Kyrgyz child and were in the final stages of adoption when the Kyrgyz officials stopped processing applications. Many of the children have disabilities, including one girl who has become blind and deaf and has incurred brain damage during the wait because of late-diagnosed hydrocephalus, a problem that likely would have been treated immediately in the United States, the girl’s prospective adoptive mother, a Florida pediatrician, believes.”


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