An argument a minute…..

I may have been quiet, but I have been observing…..The same old arguments go on, with new twists added frequently. What to do about these many, many children who live without parental care? For each interested group, it seems they attribute evil motives to others, while holding their own up as right and true. This is often accomplished rhetorically–references to the “adoption industry” and “baby market” and “desperate couples”, for instance–this is all familiar. As I have often said, we could just as easily refer to the UN and ngo “poverty industry” which demands a captive population of disadvantaged people, including children, to justify its existence. I don’t go that far, but anti-adoption groups often go all out in their wild accusations…..

The two major symbolic events of the recent past have, of course, been the Haitian earthquake and the return of the Russian boy to Russia by his American adoptive mother. One could write a book on either of these events…..From my point of view, each event offered a revealing look into the hidden lives of social orphans….such issues as the Haitian restavek system–is it slavery or a form of Haitian child welfare? Whichever it is, it is deeply disturbing. Unicef, not surprisingly, appears more troubled by international adoption than by restavek….As for the Russian boy, his sad return and the American mom’s deeply foolish and unnecessary action opened a window on the continuing crisis of Russian social orphans and the failures of Russia’s own domestic adoption system.

Now, from SOS children’s villages (they do great work, but….) comes the argument that because Russians have returned their adopted children in such grotesquely high numbers, it’s time to “move beyond” both orphanages and adoption–even domestic adoption–in favor of group homes like….Ta da!! SOS villages!

Wow….I want to write about the data-based and information-based movement I hope to become more involved in–but even the generation of information about social orphans seems to be opposed by some.

More later.


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