Central Asian migrants in Russia….

This from the BBC is a very complex story…..


Odd that the person running the shelter says that he is motivated by his sense that these children should not grow up in orphanages! Of course they should not!!  One would hope that each child could be kept under happy circumstances by original mothers–but where not, why not allow these children in particular to be adopted internationally? Unless a large number of Russians wish to adopt them–is that likely??

It reads in part:

“I am against the very notion of orphanages,” he says. “Children that grew up there are poorly adapted to life, they don’t know simple things: how to cook, how to behave in some social situations. They are too institutionalised.”

He and Ms Yuldasheva are trying to persuade Zebi to keep Jahongir, but the young woman is under pressure from her family. Her mother back in Tajikistan wants Jahongir put up for adoption so Zebi can return home alone.

Social stigma plays a big part, as a migrant woman returning home with a child will be looked down upon. Zebi’s family think Jahongir is “haram” – a dirty child – and they do not want him.

The Russian authorities confirm that a growing number of babies born to Central Asian migrants are left in the care of Moscow orphanages.

In the past five months alone, 150 newborn children were left by their migrant mothers. Numbers could be far higher, as only officially registered children are counted, according to Russia’s Department of Family and Youth policy.

Would it be that difficult to ask the Russian authorities to do something effective about this situation? Who will follow these children as they grow, where family reunification does not occur? A blip on the BBC radar screen?


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