Unicef’s new report on children and HIV in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Thanks to our Irish friends, I was told about the just released Unicef report on the dire situation of children and rates of HIV transmission in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. You will find the report at this site:


The report makes for shocking reading–among the main points: The region has the “highest rates of family separation in the world”–with 1.3 million children living out of family care. Rates of institutionalization are not decreasing–rather, abandonment is increasing.  80 percent of sex workers in the region are young people….The report cites to an “explosive mix of injecting drug use and…sexual transmission”–all affecting young people in large numbers.

All of this is grim enough reading in its own right–but how can it be squared with Unicef’s relentless opposition to international adoption for very young children in the category of those who are unlikely ever to be reunited with biological families? The galling thing about Unicef is that they present research results like these (as with their work on street children)–but then when these facts are relied upon in making an argument that some percentage of children in these social and economic environments need to be given another life before it is too late–they reject that conclusion.  Like Terre des hommes, they simply repeat the phrase that the children have “living relatives.” How successful has Unicef been in implementing the services it is constantly claiming will result in the solution for these children? How much social transformation has Unicef been able to achieve–the rationale for its incessant opposition to international adoption?

The report is a must read….the photos are harrowing….


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