Russia’s social orphan issue rightly called a “humanitarian catastrophe”

Further confirmation that there is no slowing the rise in numbers of children in Russia who are living out of care of their families…. It is unclear whether the figure of 700,000 cited in the piece below captures the fact that, after a certain age, most institutionalized children leave the orphanages, to try and live the best they can–often on the streets in appalling conditions, as detailed in the Unicef report cited in my post of last week on children and HIV….

The gist of the article was that while negative adoption stories may cause political furore in Russia, further restrictions on international adoption completely ignore the human rights needs of the massive social orphan population…

… while international adoption is a big political issue, the numbers in Russia’s orphanages continue to climb.

There are now 700,000 orphans, 30 per cent of them living in state homes, according to figures from the parliamentary committee on family and children – more than at the end of World War II. Pro rata it’s four to five times higher than in the west.

Committee bosses describe it as a “humanitarian catastrophe”, and it’s one which childcare workers fear is being hidden by the lurid headlines.

“The main issue is not to forget about the kids behind all this talk about controls and regulations,” Director of educational centre of ROOF Olga Tikhomirova told The Moscow News.

This is for me a truism at this stage–as I have continually argued against debating adoption questions via anecdote….


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