Disability Rights International does it again!

The amazing and courageous DRI has once again taken the lid off the terrible conditions endured by the institutionalized. See its recent report on Mexico–


Eric Rosenthal and his group have demonstrated extraordinary courage in exposing abuses against hidden populations around the world–in this case, showing us that Mexico continues to subject institutionalized adults and children to the worst forms of neglect. In addition to the awful conditions in which disabled adults languish, the new report also informs us that many children simply disappear from orphanages–they literally cannot be found. Where are they? No one seems to know.

It is truly criminal that in this day and age, it still takes hidden camera work for us to find out anything about the world’s staggering population of “social orphans.”  Bravo, Eric Rosenthal! You go directly to where the problems are and document them.


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