Rules of blogging….!

Sorry I have not been blogging–I know that to neglect one’s blog for more than a week or two violates some very basic rule….The news on international adoption and social orphans is bleak indeed–the UN, with some help from national governments, has managed to fairly effectively shut down international adoption. And yet, the general public, and most supporters of UNICEF (because who doesn’t support UNICEF’s core work?), have no idea that this is even happening–let alone why.

Behind the scenes, my colleague Michelle Novelle and I are getting ready to announce a new initiative aimed at helping to document the life conditions of social orphans–more on this to come. The start up paperwork has been quite elaborate, and, despite the urgency of the moment, time is so limited….I admit to having been preoccupied in recent months  by teaching and by love matters–(and not in that order, either….)

However, the children living in psychological and emotional isolation in institutions around the world–unable to get their stories out–have not been forgotten, and the work of documenting their lives has to continue.


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