Old news, same news

This one dates from 2008–but I had not seen it before. It involves an “intervention” before the European Parliament by that expert on all matters adoption (????) Mr. Nigel Cantwell–one of the most influential and ubiquitous figures in the field–don’t ask me why! (He is in this statement backing up Terre des Hommes….)


Cantwell goes after Kazakhstan here on its adoption policy (little wonder that KZ is now effectively closed to ICA)–hurling accusations at government officials and agencies–Making the broad statement that essentially all KZ children up to the age of 2 could be adopted domestically etc etc……

I have seen many, many “interventions” by Mr Cantwell on these issues–see his report on Ukraine and international adoption–same song–But never, ever a credible look from the inside at how many children are in the institutions–why–what happens to them–It doesn’t seem too much to ask, does it?


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