Patricia Williams in The Nation on the issue of “rescuing” children

I have a high regard for Professor Patricia Williams and have read her work with interest over many years. However, I found her recent piece in The Nation to be a real disappointment. See

The short opinion piece is, at least in my view, glib and superficial, and casts aspersions on the motivations of virtually everyone involved in international adoption. I have often said that of the hundreds of people I have known in the ICA context, none hold the view that these children as to be “rescued” by international adoption, or that ICA is the best way to procure healthy white infants. The latter proposition is in fact absurd. I have long held the view that domestic adoption is hampered–and severely so–by lack of clear information for the public about the modes and forms of domestic adoption. In the present informational vacuum, it is so easy to make sweeping statements about international adoption as trafficking–Personally, I would have expected something more insightful from Professor Williams.


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