Relentless downward drift in adoption

There is little good news in intercountry adoption these days…..the latest, as you know, is that Ethiopia is talking about cutting down its international adoption numbers by 90%!  The absurdity of choosing such a number should be apparent, but this is the world in which cutting adoption down is generally considered to be a sign of enhanced “children’s rights”.  Years ago, I called for the development of a specialized body to deal with all these questions, respond to charges of bad practice and to investigate the orphan crises of the world. In reality, nothing has happened….I do see that China has decided to open its special needs program to single women–one very positive and progressive development.

But it is the time of year when I teach my children’s rights class about the worldwide cohort of  “children without families”–and each time, I am aghast at the deep and persistent neglect of this problem. It does not seem to interest “human rights lawyers” very much at all….How many children? Which institutions? How much neglect? Gendercide? Where is the “international law” that might protect them? And there is in fact only one form of protection, as human beings are slow growing, demanding and needy creature–a family.


One thought on “Relentless downward drift in adoption

  1. Downward drift, downward spiral. I would only imagine a human rights lawyer investing the time and probably years to accomplish change on the premise of writing a book, because I don’t know how else they would be paid. Maybe a human rights lawyer partnered with a journalist. The drift has closed many agencies and the world economic drift has curtailed government services to children everywhere, including the USA. There are thousands of orphans, but importantly, their own governments have left most in legal limbo, because achieving orphan status is a time-consuming costly endeavor. Orphans have no voice. They can only rely on adults and governments, both of which are failing too many.

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