Can this be happening? The news from Kyrgyzstan….

When Kyrgyzstan closed down its international adoption program two years ago, many children with medical problems were left to…..wait and wait. Two children who had been matched with adoptive parents actually died from otherwise preventable illnesses while waiting. The grotesquerie of the human rights violations involved in such cases  is rarely if ever presented in that way–in the name of “tightening up” or even “protecting” the children, many are left with nothing–the months go on, the children grow, and their life prospects become increasingly grim….And this is not even to mention children who have not been freed for adoption–where are they? How many are there?

News today that Kyrgyzstan will be re-opening their program–but let’s watch and see how this unfolds.

 Usually, after a shut down, if there is a resumption of adoption at all, it is slow and small in scale. This is–incredibly and ironically–in the name of “caution”!!

Read the story here of the little boy with severe cleft palate–wanted and cherished by a couple in the United States–but kept in his home country for two years so that….so that….what?!


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