A shout out to Sarah Ferguson!!

I know I have not been blogging much–a number of reasons, not least of which is the shocking downturn in international adoptions and the lack of public attention to the problem of orphans and their human rights….But some news items would bring anyone with a heart back to life!

Can you believe, can you imagine that Turkey is pursuing legal action against Sarah Ferguson for her “criminal” filming of children in horrific state-run institutions? Oh, my! Isn’t it Turkey that should be answering the world’s questions about their treatment of institutionalized children? Has any country voluntarily offered access to social orphans whose rights are being violated in this manner? It has always been the hidden camera that has brought the issue to life, and left countries sputtering to explain their complete lack of regard for the weakest and most vulnerable.

Now Sarah Ferguson cannot even travel, for fear of being extradited to Turkey to answer “charges”!! Isn’t this the new theme–don’t engage in “orphanage tourism”, as it might “violate the privacy of children”? Who do these national governments think they are fooling? Such double think–to expose the abusive conditions is to “violate the rights of children”! Well, I rather do not think so! It seems to me it is national policy that should be under urgent scrutiny.

We are not fooled, that is for sure.

See this CNN story providing a summary of the latest situation:


Should out to Sarah: We support your work, and your attempt to share the stories of abused children with the rest of the world! More on this later.


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