Moratoriums protect the child—They do??

Canada is undergoing a good deal of soul-searching on the subject of international adoption…..Yesterday I saw this from the Globe and Mail–the argument that shutting down adoption relations with states where there are questionable practices relating to the veracity of documents actually–yes–protects children!

I am astonished that an adoption professional would make such an argument….How far down the list of governmental priorities adoption is….Instead of jumping in and working hard at removing problems from national systems, the “child welfare” solution is to shut down the adoption system. If living without a family is a form of child abuse, and a severe one, how could it be “beneficial” to shut down the possibility of adoption for those children who really need it? It may not be possible to verify every single document in every single adoption–and it is possible to identify systems in which problems are rife–but the lack of official energy to put things right is appalling. Adoption cannot be thought of in terms of “countries”–but rather individual children. Isn’t the crying need enough to make us move with urgency and determination to visit, negotiate, investigate? The UN is not doing this job, and cannot do this job. And we know that they are all too eager to recommend “moratoriums” that seem to last forever….


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