What the Hague, Kyrgyzstan?!

As the adoption debate continues to run, with the UN decrying the rise in adoptions from Africa, and China denying any ill-treatment of children in orphanages, another frustrating report out of Kyrgyzstan….I am sure Kyrgyzstan is a wonderful country, with kind people and the best of intentions. I would love to visit there–But what I see is a small nation caught in a  confusing web of mixed messages and terrible child welfare policy as a result. See today International adoption. There are no more chances? an article by Anastasia Bengard, describing the political morass surrounding adoption of children in Kyrgyzstan.


Obviously, that country is being pressured not to allow children to be adopted out–even to the point where some have died waiting for families with whom they have been matched. Others are growing older, with almost no chance of leaving the orphanage system. I imagine the UN is encouraging more “foster care”–the apparent answer to all child welfare problems! Agencies are accredited, then the accreditation is withdrawn….In a nation where most all public acts involve some bribes, any hint of bribery in this context leads to mass panic and selective prosecutions.

Where is the human rights body that can clearly tell Kyrgyzstan: The unequivocally right thing to do is to determine whether these children have good homes to go to in Kyrgyzstan. If they don’t, you are honoring their rights by allowing them to find homes abroad. Do it quickly, do it ethically, and be proud of your decision. Someone needs to sort out this never-ending set of contradictions in child welfare policy. In the case of resource-strapped countries like Kyrgyzstan, it is so urgent.


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