Craig Juntunen’s film debut!

Bravo, Craig!

At last, it seems the film is done. (Final title is Stuck–though I really liked the earlier title, Wrongfully Detained!) I wish I could have been there for the DC opening the other night, but just could not make it…

Craig has been an unwavering supporter of more adoption for unparented children, better adoption procedures, and much more action on this front by our own government. I am thrilled that he will be showing his film at a major film festival this week….

Craig is trying to do something that really needs to be done: To document the way abandoned, abused and neglected children are actually living, and then show the degree to which international policy has failed them.

It is all very moving and compelling. Best of luck to Craig in his brave and determined project–we hope to see the film when it goes “on the road.” I wonder what the final version looks like!!

Just by the way, I cannot count the number of times people have said to me that they had no idea the UN was less than friendly towards international adoption (ahem!), and assumed that everything in international adoption was going well, with the full support of governments….Oh, my…..Certainly not the case!


2 thoughts on “Craig Juntunen’s film debut!

  1. Hey Sara, just found this blog and I love how in-depth it is! I’ve been working with kids with various disabilities for a few years and recently became clued in to the problem of international orphans and abandoned children. I would have preferred to send a more private message asking about best practices for ways to get involved as an individual, but WordPress is blocked on my work computer and the app is being funky so I couldn’t figure it out. I’d there any chance you could email me? I’d really appreciate having some dialogue about this topic (Bulgaria especially!). Thanks!

  2. Hi Sara, I just found your blog and wanted to contact you. I’ve been working with kids with disabilities for a few years now, but only recently got clued in to the problems of abandoned children and orphans with disabilities. I really want to look into doing something major to engage with this, so I wanted to see if we could start a dialogue about how to help on an individual level. Is there any chance of this? I could really use some guidance from someone with an obviously high understanding of the global situations.

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