Eastern European “Parent Drain”

The figures cited in this article from a British-based Romanian outlet are astounding.  There has been recent attention  to the question of parents from Romania, Moldova and other countries leaving children behind and migrating into other parts of Europe to work…This article sees the problem as one extensive enough to bring about severe social consequences. http://www.clickromania.co.uk/content/view/724/44/

Among other striking facts presented, the Soros Foundation in Romania has identified at least 350,000 such cases in Romania alone. In Moldova, 10% of children have had both parents migrate to work in other parts of Europe. (Note that Romania has been an EU member state for the past several years. It has been reported that the Romanian government has finally introduced some penalties for this form of abandonment. Since this is such a perverse aspect of Romania’s EU membership, one wonders what official policies are being developed at EU level?)

This phenomenon comes in addition to the already huge problem of child abandonment and family breakdown with which we are so familiar in these countries.