Elton John, celebrities and children’s “charities”

Well, every opportunity….

As I have previously said with regard to the “celebrity adoption” issue, it really does not reveal or affect the status of children one way or another. Any such adoption is just another adoption, or proposed adoption. I do not know whether Elton John would have provided a good home to the Ukrainian boy he had formed a bond with or not. Only a home study would provide such information. But my point here is something else. Why oh why do these children’s charities jump in each time there is a question of a celebrity adoption to make their point that adoption is not the answer, and to “instruct” us (often falsely) that the country in question is creating a model child welfare system, with the great and wonderful possibility of, yes, more foster care. (We know how well that works out in the US….)


See this cnn piece, in which the children’s charity EveryChild says that adoption “sends the wrong message,” and repeats the preposterous notion (a tried and true, and utterly unprovable idea) that celebrity adoption encourages young women to abandon their children…..What does it mean that adoption “sends the wrong message”?

UNICEF worked hard to ensure that Ukraine limited the number of international adoptions that coud take place from that country. Has there been independent verification that this sent the right message,a nd improved the lives of children when seen across the board in that country?

The EveryChild spokesperson states that

“After a great deal of campaigning by charities such as ours, the Ukraine government introduced a new ‘gate-keeping’ system which means the authorities will have to consider all available options before a child is placed in an institution,” Georgalakis said.

“So when a child is taken into care or abandoned, they will have look at whether a child has other family or can be fostered by another family for example. This is a huge step forward and one that needs support.

Where are the reporters on the question of Ukraine’s child welfare system, its many many street children, and the long period of time during which children are institutionalized? How is the public supposed to evaluate statements like these, to the effect that adoption is part of the “wrong message”, whereas foster care is part of the “right message”?