Earth to Huffpost!!

I confess to being a faithful reader of the Huffington Post–I generally go there before the New York Times.  This morning, lo and behold, Huffpost provides space for an  off the cuff, cut and paste, diatribe against international adoption by someone named John Feffer–who in this piece strings together the views of David Smolin and Emma Nicholson (!?) as proof that ICA is nothing but a “baby market”…..Oh, so depressing….

The piece is so fluffy and out of sync that there is little point in trying to refute it logically…..It is so clear that of the hundreds of thousands of children living out of parental care, only the tiniest fraction ever find their way to genuine family life–It is so clear that we cannot extrapolate from one story (such as the Korean one he describes) any broad themes about ICA as a “baby market.” It is so clear that using inflammatory terms like “baby market” may make for feel-good political catharsis, and does little to illuminate the true lives of these children…..But it is one more example of the autopilot journalism that animates our adoption debate–