My article featuring Joseph Kony

As it happens, I have recently posted an article to srrn that will be appearing in the Michigan State International Law Review in the near future….(see link below)

It went onto ssrn just as the Kony video by Invisible Children was”going viral”….My article is on the subject of what I believe should be a right under international law–the right of the ultra-vulnerable to humanitarian intervention on their behalf…..My prime example of a long running and completely unnecessary conflict is the war waged by Kony against the children of Uganda…I am delighted to see this terrible problem getting the mass attention it deserves! My article makes the point that an “international legal regime” worthy of the name would have a robust and effective solution for such problems. It is just not that hard to stop low-tech tyrants like Kony, where the international will exists to do so. Do check out the article!