Sarah Ferguson, criminal defendant?

It seems the Turkish authorities are busy investigating whether Sarah Ferguson has been involved in some criminal violation of the “privacy” rights of Turkish citizens by her participation in the filming of an undercover documentary of Turkish orpanages…..Turkey is asking the British authorities to cooperate with them in questioning Sarah F, and possibly submitting her to some criminal procedure in Turkey! While it is unlikely things will ever come to this, I cannot help but be struck at the absurdity, the perversity of this situation!

The article notes that

After the documentary was shown, Foreign Minister Ali Babacan told British Foreign Secretary David Miliband  in  London that Turkish authorities had launched a “widescale inquiry” about the allegations of mistreatment of disabled children made in the programme.

But he added: “Our children have the right to be protected… and it is not good to disclose the sickness… in a TV programme and it offends Turkish people.

“They are our children. They are Turkish children. They are our sons and daughters and we care about them,” he added.

The minister also questioned the undercover filming methods used in the programme, saying: “We actually regret the approach and the attitude displayed for the preparation of this documentary.”

It is often the case that all we know about the inside of an orphange comes from such under-cover work. There is an assumption under generally recognized humanitarian principles that prisoners and asylum seekers should have access to visitors from the outside world, and a right to a transparent assessment of their life circumstances. But not so children living in institutions. Nor do I hear anyone in international law demanding such access.

The Turkish authorities say what we would expect–that these are “our” children, that we “love” them, and that the fault here is on the side of those who tried to expose the terrible institutional conditions. They are mainly concerned that this film will harm their image within the EU–but can this latest response help their imagine in the EU?

On and on goes the official denial–on and on go the trite and repetitious exposes of adoption corruption and no exposes on the lives of social orphans….